[Does the potato chip pass milk principle work?


[Does the potato chip pass milk principle work?

Potatoes are one of the most popular ingredients in life, not only because of the high nutritional value of potatoes, but also because the taste of potatoes is rich and delicious, and can be eaten as a snack.

In addition to being edible, potatoes can also be embedded in drugs. For example, a large number of women will use potato chips when they stop milking. Let ‘s take a look at the principle of potato chips to pass milk.

I hope everyone can understand.

Behind the smooth milk of too many mothers, there was a history of twists and turns, because when some women were first mothers, they often encountered problems with milk congestion during the confinement period, and milk congestion.They are very many.

Generally, there are lump around the breast. After the baby sucks, there seems to be a lot of milk. Occasionally, there is a tingling sensation or a slight pain. The milk is not much and the milk will not be smooth. This makes the mothers very uncomfortable.

For most milk clogging, you can take the following measures: do not press and knead vigorously, do not apply hot, correct treatment: cold leaves of cabbage leaves or potato chips at normal temperature, avoid nipples and areola, try not to exceed 20 minutes at a time.Cooperate with the baby to suck more. When sucking, point the chin at the lump. The lump can be used in the upper part.

Note: Cabbage leaves use a rolling pin to squeeze out the juice for better results. This is recommended by WHO because it contains an enzyme to reduce swelling, and potato chips have the same effect.

Several of the most common causes of latex accumulation: 1.

The milk is removed infrequently, why is it blocked?

Women’s mammary ducts, like blood vessels, were very thin at the time.

The most common cause of milk dregs is late milk discharge.

How to make milk excretion in time?

Bid on demand.

2. The position of breastfeeding is incorrect, and the baby contains milk incorrectly, which causes the sucking efficiency to be low and causes clogging of milk.

So milky posture is important.

A better method is to cut it into potato chips and put it on at 10 pm. When the baby gets up, change one piece, and then suck it with a breast pump. After changing more than 5 pieces in a row, the lumps of the breast are better removed.