Marry a modest man


Marry a modest man

This is a season of getting married together. The taste of marriage is in the air. Those who are not married are “shameful.”

Is every woman willing to deal with herself like this?

Every unmarried woman, without exception, will look forward to meeting a gentle, affectionate, understanding, generous, and single-minded man. Of course, it is best to have an economic foundation and be handsome. This should be what women call “the best.””Men” standards.

  The assessment of a man is nothing more than consideration of income, temperament, character and other aspects. If you are a woman and want to choose a man, the facts will tell you: marry a “mediocre man”!

  Good temper, but not too good temper, is cultivated by men.

Maybe he hasn’t seen him lose his temper at you, nor has he seen his deep dissatisfaction with something.

I can take care of you in every possible way.

In the unit, he also works hard and complains. Colleagues need to find him for errands. No one wants to send him out. Every year at the end of the assessment, there is always a good way to unite, work hard, and be willing to endure hardships.He was promiscuous, and he was still sent at will, but he didn’t see the price of “progress”, but he was not anxious.

  ”Originally he was a talent, but no one knew it was a waste. Tobacco, alcohol and hemp would never be there, and there was no future in officialdom.

Slim Li, next door, has no diploma. He studied business in the previous year. He has an existing car villa.

“It’s rare to be mentally impulsive, but too temperamental, lack of aggressiveness, and no fighting spirit. Although we can stay with our wife and children for a quiet and stable life in the future, there will be a lot less twists and turns, but our women are afraid of this”The temper of Ninja Turtle was contagious to himself in the long-term common life in the future, making himself like a mother’s generation of women into a “robot” to support his family.

  Rich but not too rich. If a man is poor, he does n’t have a house, he does n’t have a car, and he has to think about his purse while shopping on the street for a long time. He can struggle with poverty., Marrying such a person will not be exhausted to death!

It must have been a difficult day.

This year, a man should have silver, and he is handsome, his wife is also beautiful.

Love is clothes that need to be supported by money.

  However, the most unfortunate is this too. The clothes can be changed at will. If this grandpa is chic all the way and forgets the way home, wouldn’t it make you look at the cold window of a lonely moon and a bitter tear?

Money in the real world is almost equal to ability and luck. If a man has excellent ability and luck, he must indulge himself in many aspects, including choosing a wife and choosing a spouse, and marrying such a man.Every minute has a laid-off crisis!

  ”Men get worse when they have money.” People who are poor and poor can’t marry. Even if they are temperament people, they can’t see it, they can’t control it, they can’t be prevented, and they are not easy to handle.

Therefore, a good man should be like this: we must not only worry about food and clothing, but also not get rich.

  Duty, but not too dutiful, I have seen a joke like this: a man and a woman sleep in a room, and a woman draws a line: the line is a beast!

The woman woke up and found that the man didn’t really cross the line.

The woman slaps the man severely: you are not as good as a beast!

Hehe, it seems that men with too much duty also have to go to class.

  Duty men live for a conviction. They only do what they should be doing, not what they want to do. Every duty man will have too many rules and regulations. If you love deeply, he will change.It’s your sorrow; if you love too much, they can be in one place, but this love is either jerky or uninteresting.

  In addition, as soon as the man enters the office and starts to work, it is like a game machine that has been replenished with coins.

If this game machine suddenly stops, then a cowardly coin must have been mistakenly inserted.

  Cowardly, afraid of things, men hiding in the corner will only attract the contempt of leaders and colleagues.

Even if some sympathy would be given, no one would ever replenish his coin.

Although women put a hundred and twenty hearts on men who are too dutiful, they have a small family spirit, and women mostly like the way that men add more passion to life.

Although women do want everything to go according to the procedure, life is stable and comfortable, but women are also willing to “passion” occasionally.

  Being ambitious is not a workaholic career. It is an important element of a truly perfect family. Men should be ambitious in order to ensure a strong family life.

A man with a career will not look around and look forward to Qin Muchu, he will be tied to his career wholeheartedly, and he will feel distressed when he sees it, and beloved when he thinks about it.

However, there may be accidents when married, and the problems are not small.

He was reluctant to walk a few steps with you, and said left and right to let him accompany you to the mall, but at most only waited under the shade outside the mall.

What’s more important is that he should be the shopkeeper, and the whole house will be full of things for you.

  But if his career heart is too heavy, his thoughts on family and you will only be very small. If you want him to go shopping with you, he said it is not interesting; if you want him to accompany you to watch a movie, he says that he has no time.

His career has been successful, and you have followed the scenery, but that is what others see, what others cannot see is your loneliness in the long time.

And those men who are not overly ambitious, know how to be considerate and affectionate about you.   Men who are too obsessed with the cause are mainly the desire to lead everyone, including women.

The biggest harm to get along with a man who is too ambitious is the spiritual aspect.

In addition, “professional” men are mainly due to overwork, and their bodies are both at the peak of their comprehensive quality development and facing the most unstable and vulnerable state.

Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other diseases are being watched aside, and they have a chance to enter.

  Petty but not too petty petty men usually follow fashion closely, dating AA systems or asking women to pay bills is avant-garde, but the man who is really dating you is not a man.

  In addition, the male petty bourgeoisie is a passionate seed as usual. The various tricks that linger in the love scene are familiar. The male petty bourgeoisie is very modeled for the time being, with a deliberate color.

For example, they shave every day regardless of the weight of their hair-please note that it is “shaving”, not shaving.

There is a complete set of picture albums and Oscar DVDs at home, and often “coffee”, go to the small hall to watch European movies and American blockbusters.

  The male bourgeoisie has its specific range of activities, with these very strong and obvious landmarks, let people know at a glance that it is indeed a place where petty bourgeoisie is infested.

Needless to say, if there is an office building, their behavior is generally between bars, cafes and star-rated restaurants.

With men who must be called “petty bourgeoisie”, it is especially easy to feel the frustration of “love is easy to get along with each other”, and there is no distortion of love. Women still seldom provoke them to avoid love in vain.

Of course, if you have the conditions to match his beauty and his superiority, maybe it is still possible.

  Petty bourgeois is not bad, but it is a little bit handy, and occasionally it is okay. If you really live your life like that, you will be tired.

  Handsome but not too handsome “Wu Da” can’t marry. People are ugly and have nothing to offer.

But if it’s Pan An’s beauty, that’s not the case.

  Too handsome a man, a woman is easy to be satisfied, and is at ease with the status quo, so he does not plan to advance, so he often has little success in his life.

Well, even if the husband doesn’t stay with her in the end, it’s over.

In fact, the woman naturally cherishes this handsome man with all her heart, and in the end, she loses her opinion and becomes a puppet.

Again, I miss the handsome man all day, it is difficult to concentrate on work, and there is always a sense of anxiety. He is always afraid that the handsome man runs away, or someone will come to seduce.

If you ca n’t make it, you ca n’t live all day long. You ca n’t wait to be with the handsome man every time. You lose a lot of things that belong to women, and you ca n’t do many things.

  ”Children are their own good, and her husband and wife are good to others.

“It’s even more troublesome to have a handsome man.

  People who are romantic but ca n’t be too romantic or too romantic may only plant love and do n’t grow rice. The head says that he is willing to turn into a small bench for you to rest, and the heart says that he is willing to turn into a small cloth bag for you to pin,But it will not change the table meals to fill your belly, poetry is added but the food is insufficient, elegant and poor, and love is not married.

  In addition, people who are not born to be romantic, too romantic men show that their love scene is rich, such men are more suitable for friends.

If a man waits stupidly for half an hour downstairs to send you flowers, and roses are bought into roses by mistake, it doesn’t matter, what he gives is roses.

A man with too much affection and sensitivity, although he loves you too much, is tender and watery, he will also ask you to show affection for him and ask you to use all your thoughts, maybe even the time will attract his feelings, otherwise youDon’t understand his feelings, can you bear it then?

  In addition, such as Jia Baoyu, Duan Yuzhiliu, the modern and stylish version of Prince Charles, JFK, etc., the family is brilliant, the people are also passionate, and the behavior is personable, but it is a pity that some people are born rare, and they are crushed into powder, the worldThe idiot and sorrowful woman can’t be separated, so don’t mention it.

  The connotation of a “moderate” good man is rich in substance, and there is always a real copy in everyone ‘s mind, which is relatively relative to others.

Taiwanese cartoonist Zhu Deyong discusses women: if a woman is not sexy, she must be emotional; if she is not sensual, she must be rational.

  Too many men cannot marry, too few men to marry.

Some things seem to be the next best thing.

It is really impossible to find a man who can marry, then the conditions for marrying should be changed from “and” to “or”.

Love what you love, marry what you love-as long as there is love, as long as the two hearts add together, you will understand what goes through the storms of time: in it.

  For a long time, many women are still in love, married, tomorrow is their own, happiness is choice, what are you waiting for?